Rules The Music Competition Online

Applications : Deadline 15th June, 2024
Results: September 15, 2024, to be announced on the website.

Article 1. Opus Artis Paris organizes the Music Competition online. The competition takes place entirely on Internet.
Instruments/Areas: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Saxophone, Harp, Harpsichord, Accordion, Voice, Percussions, Choir and Chamber Music.

Article 2. The competition is open to contestants of all nationalities. Participants compete in different categories, based on their age. The program corresponding to Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras is to be performed from memory in its entirety. For Modern or Contemporary pieces, performers are allowed to use the score.

Article 3. The contestants will be judged based solely on the submitted recordings.

Article 4. Fees are payable through Paypal (
Category I to III: 40 euros / Category IV, V: 50 euros /Category VI, VII: 60 euros
Amateur level: 50 euros
Grand Prize: 85 euros / Grand Prize (choir, chamber music): 100 euros

Article 5. Repertoire : Free choice (one or more pieces) from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern/Contemporary periods. The performance should be music for solo instrument, chamber music with or without piano, or solo instrument with orchestra.
The total length of the video recording must be limited to the following duration, according to the Category:

Category I – born in 2014 and younger – up to 6 minutes
Category II – born in 2012 and younger – up to 6 minutes
Category III – born in 2010 and younger – up to 8 minutes
Category IV – born in 2008 and younger – up to 10 minutes
Category V – born in 2006 and younger – up to 12 minutes
Category VI – born in 2004 and younger – up to 15 minutes
Category VII – born in 2002 and younger – up to 20 minutes

Amateur – without age limit- up to 20 minutes
Grand Prize (no age limit): up to 40 minutes

Choir, Chamber Music (any ensemble up to 8 players)

Chamber Music Grand Prize (no age limit): up to 30 minutes. (Note: Chamber music’s group are not expected to perform compositions from memory.)

Martin Kutnowski Contemporary Music Award
This prize is given to the best performance of one piece by Martin Kutnowski, as follows:
Category I to VI: 150 euros
Category VII, Grand Prize (Soloist), Choir and Chamber Music Grand Prize: 300 euros

Article 6. Participants must submit video recordings. Audio-only recordings will not be accepted. Video files must be performed by the applicants and must not be edited in any way, nor should any effects be added. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the video is recorded with good quality (image and sound). Be aware that poor recording quality may interfere with the jury’s ability to review the material. It is suggested to avoid distortion and, in chamber music, ensure that the accompaniment is not louder than the applicant. Participants will not be penalized for the quality of your video, but it is very important that the quality is good enough to see and hear the participant clearly.

When submitting the Application Form, participants must include the titles of the piece/s in the program, using the format: .
Videos must be sent by using or uploaded directly to the competition’s Dropbox

Article 7. If the duration of the submitted video (or total duration of all videos if the submission comprises more than one file) exceeds the time limits by more than 60 seconds (as specified in the rules), the applicant might be disqualified without notice and his/her application shall be treated as null and void. The duration of the performed piece excludes applause and going to or leaving the stage.

Article 8. Registration is to be done exclusively through electronic means, at the website:
Participants will be requested to:

Fill the Online Application form (in English).
Submit their video through or upload to the competition’s Dropbox.

Article 9. By participating in the competition, competitors automatically waive the right to any remuneration regarding eventual publication and distribution of music video recordings on CD, DVD, or any type of online publication of the media.

Article 10. A minimum of (4) four qualified judges will be evaluating the audition materials. The work of the Jury is regulated by special Rules. Jury members are selected from a pool of renowned performing artists, conductors, composers, and pedagogues. All judges’ decisions are final. Participants may receive feedback from the judges, via email, upon request (send an email message to the office of the competition:
Judges may be available for private online lessons (Facetime, Whatsapp, etc.), upon request.

Article 11. Competitors are assessed according to the average grade point of evaluations by the Jury:
FIRST PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 90/100 points
SECOND PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 80/100 points
THIRD PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 70/100 points
DIPLOMA – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 60/100 points
The number of awards (prizes) is limited, but can be shared if two or more contestants reach the same mark.

Article 12. The competitor with the best ranking in the competition discipline will be the Absolute Winner and will be awarded the Diploma “The Music Competition Online.”

The Winner will get his/her picture and biography published on the website under the title “Winner of The Music Competition Online Grand Prize.” The Absolute Winner also receives a special diploma.
If several competitors/soloists in the category earn the same number of points, the advantage will be given to the younger competitor. In the case of several competitors in the different categories earning the same number of points, final decision on the placement will be adjudicated by the Jury.

Article 13. The prizes will be awarded based solely on the submitted recordings.

Article 14. Prizes: (for each instrument)

Category I to VI: Diplomas and CD

Category VII, Amateur level: First Prize: 300 euros, Second Prize: 200 euros, Third Prize: 100 euros

Grand Prize (each instrument, choir and chamber music):

First Prize: 600 euros, Second Prize: 400 euros, Third Prize: 200 euros

Martin Kutnowski Contemporary
Category I to VI: 150 euros/Category VII, Grand Prize, choir and Chamber Music Grand Prize: 300 euros

All contestants will be awarded with diplomas and CD. The Absolute Winner will get his/her picture and biography published on the website under the title “Winner of The Music Competition Online Grand Prize.” Private and public institutions, as well as business corporations or individuals, may, in agreement with the organizers, award special prizes.

Article 15. Diplomas will be sent to the winners on September 15, 2024, after the conclusion of all proceedings.
Article 16. By applying to the competition, participants automatically accept all the conditions and rules of the online music competition.

Contact: Opus Artis Paris, 56 rue Mary Besseyre 92170 Vanves (France)