Frequently asked questions:

  • When is the deadline?

15th of June 2024

  • How many judges are in the jury?

A minimum of four people. All of them are highly qualifyed teachers.

  • How much is the total fee I have to pay?

Category I to III: 40 euros

Category IV to V: 50 euros

Category VI, VII: 60 euros

Amateur Level: 50 euros

Grand Prize: 85 euros

Grand Prize (chamber music): 100 euros

Payment by Paypal :

  • When will the results be posted?

15th of september 2024

  • Who are you and why do you hold a competition?

We are a group of professional musicians all around the world, who have met through work in orchestras and in festivals. We want to help musicians develop a confidence and help musicians realise their potential. Our purpose is to discover artists of outstanding personality and provide awards which can help to launch international careers.

  • What can I win?

Category I to V: Diplomas and CD

Category VII/Amateur Level:
First Prize: 300 euros, Second Prize: 200 euros, Third Prize: 100 euros

Grand Prize (for all instruments and included chamber music)
First Prize: 600 euros, Second Prize: 400 euros, Third Prize: 200 euros

All contestants will be awarded with diplomas and CD by post office. (Be sure to write your correct adress in the application). All contestants will get electronic diploma too and comments.

Pictures and biography of winners will be published on the website under the title “ Winner of The Music Competition Online Grand Prize”.
State and public institutions, enterprises and individuals, in agreement with the organizers may award special prizes.

Contact: Opus Artis Paris, 56 rue Mary besseyre 92170 Vanves (France)